Here’s a “Blind” Taste Test of Microwave Popcorn with Ranked Results

Georgia Vagim Ny Lhmshyhk UnsplashPhoto by Georgia Vagim on Unsplash

Did you know that microwaves have been common since the 1960s, but microwave popcorn wasn’t introduced until 1982?

It’s true.

The website recently conducted a BLIND taste test of 11 different brands of microwave popcorn, and ranked them based on texture, smell, and the overall balance of flavors.

They sought out the BUTTERED varieties, and did NOT consider healthiness.

Here are the results, from best to worst:

1.  Orville Redenbacher’s, Movie Theater Butter.  They said, “In addition to the great buttery flavor, the fluffy texture and consistent popping make it so that your first handful of popcorn is as good as what’s at the bottom of the bag.

2.  Cousin Willie’s, Movie Theater Butter

3.  Kroger, Movie Theater Butter

4.  Jolly Time, Blast O Butter

5.  Trader Joe’s, Movie Theater Popcorn. It’s unclear why this one was included.  It’s a bagged, pre-popped popcorn.

6.  Whole Foods, Organic Buttery Flavor Popcorn

7.  Market Pantry, Butter

8.  Act II, Butter Lover’s

9.  Pop Secret, Movie Theater Butter

10.  Simple Truth Organic, Butter Flavor

11.  Skinny Pop, Butter.  They said, “If you’ve eaten popcorn and ever thought it was bad, you were probably eating Skinny Pop.”

SOURCE: Uproxx