Here’s Why Men Should Stand While Riding Bikes…

Tom Sam Qf9sl6zdni0 UnsplashPhoto by Tom Sam on Unsplash

There are surely some men out there who have started riding a BICYCLE again recently.  It’s great exercise to work on your summer physique plus the weather is nice and gas prices are insane.  So congratulations!

The only downside is … you’re apparently destroying your family jewels.

According to a study in “Sports Medicine”, the seat of a bicycle could “ruin male reproductive organs…leading to possible erectile dysfunction and nerve damage.”

Scientists say male bicyclists should consider standing on the pedals every 10 minutes to avoid problems … or investing in “no nose” bicycle seats, which don’t have the narrow portion that can put pressure on a man’s stuff.

One study found that 91% of male cyclists experience “saddle soreness” or a loss of feeling around their groin area after riding.  However, the science on long-term damage is mixed.

Of course… because EVERYTHING has a downside these days … experts are also warning that no-nose seats can make you feel less stable on a bike, so they do require some practice to get used to.

SOURCES: Daily Mail / Sports Medicine