Here’s Why You Should Never Bark at Your Dog

Doodle Barking G0abf5a98d 640

So there’s a TikTok challenge going around called the “Bark at Your Dog Challenge” where…yes…people are barking at their dogs…and since their dogs usually look shocked, it makes for a funny video.

Now the problem…those shocked looks aren’t that funny to the dogs. In fact, according to the American Kennel Club, barking at your dog or any dog actually TRAUMATIZES them.

When you bark at your dog, you’re doing three things they find threatening:  Getting up in their space,  making eye contact, and making a loud noise in their face.

So the dog’s reaction is actually fear…it makes them nervous, it makes them confused – because they don’t know how to react, and they don’t know what’s coming next.

Now “your” dog will probably just be freaked out and get over…but if you bark in the face of a random dog, it might even respond aggressively and bite you.

So please….don’t bark in your dog’s face.  I’m sure you can find much better ways to get those likes.

SOURCE: Lifehacker