Hey Celebrity! What’s In Your Fridge?! Starring Joe from Heaven and Ale!

The craft beer business is exploding across the United States. Craft brews now make up at least 11% of all beer sales. Along with the explosion in popularity comes a wide array of both new beers and new brewers. So, naturally you want the assistance of beer connoisseur when selecting your preferred pint. That’s where Heaven and Ale’s Joe Winland steps in and guides you in the right direction. Upon arriving in Chattanooga three years ago, Joe’s craft beer tasting room Heaven and Ale has been educating Chattanoogans about everything from ABVs to IBUs as well as assembling a tap wall full of the many different flavors and styles available today. The business has been so successful that H&A opened up a second location in Ooltewah…and there may be plans for more. So with a resume’ like this it’s only natural that we step inside the mind of this craft beer behemoth and say, “Hey Celebrity, What’s in Your Fridge?”

We’ll try to tackle this like a beer snob attacks a pint. Let’s start with a visual inspection of the exterior. This fridge seems to be a milky white. Perhaps this fridge brewer left too much yeast in his mash. We see that this particular fridge brew is covered in stickers. Branding is important in the beer world, a well-designed logo can can save a subpar product. This fridge is a bit smaller than its cousin next door. Maybe this is one of those snoody refrigerators that come in 11.4oz sizes rather than the standard 12.

Let’s open this bad boy up and take a sip. Immediately my palette is exploding as I’m getting flavor variations from around the globe. This is the best of the best. Offerings from Founders, Wicked Weed, and Dogfish Head just to name a few. This is Joe’s secret stash. Ever wonder what your craft beer captain is hoarding back in his man cave? This is your chance to find out. This fridge reviewer is no craft beer expert, but from the recognizable selections you can tell that we’re dealing someone who is very, very serious about craft beer.

We can’t review the nose of this fridge pour as all the beers are tightly sealed and stacked in the most efficient way possible. No wasted space here. Who has time for meat and vegetable bins when you have craft beer to hoard? Joe even has a thermometer in this fridge to make sure that his beers stay at ideal temperature until he is ready to enjoy them. Do you know the exact temperature of your refrigerator? Of course you don’t because Joe scrutinizes every tiny detail in order to have the best possible product both at his business and for his personal use. Bravo you beer baron!


What pairings might I suggest for this fridge? Perhaps one with some food in it. That suggestion only applies to mere mortals. In fact, this fridge suggests to the reviewers here at HCWIYF that Joe actually survives only on beer. It is basically liquid bread, after all. Wouldn’t the best expert on beer be someone who drinks and eats nothing else besides it? This conspiracy theory will rage on. Joe will probably tell you that Mrs. Joe didn’t want the family fridge being photographed, but don’t be a “sheeple” the truth is out there…Joe may be an alien that only consumes beer.

This is typically the condiment corner, but there are no condiments to be found in this beer fridge…or is there? Since beer can be used for cooking…does that make it a condiment? Is this fridge actually the greatest condiment container of all time? It’s very doubtful, but we’ll let you grab a beer and discuss it with your friends.

This fridge brew is all we could have ever asked for from our lager liaison Joe Winland from Heaven and Ale. It was packed full of flavor, served at the proper temperature, contained no unnecessary additives, and had no funky odors to sour the nose. We’d give this beer a high five or maybe a high ten (if we’re going high grav). You can see the love, dedication, and thoroughness that Joe puts into his fridge. Lucky us! We can experience just a taste of that by visiting him at Heaven and Ale and get closer to this barrel aged bourbon stout of a star. So cheers to you, Joe Winland. Until the next time we pour through a cold one, this has been Hey Celebrity What’s In Your Fridge.