How Long Should You Pee?

Giorgio Trovato 876np3npumc Unsplash 1Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

Here’s a weird fact you never wanted to know:  Every animal that weighs more than 6.6 pounds empties their bladder in 21 seconds.  Animals with bigger bladders have stronger streams.  Smaller bladders have weaker streams.

I’m not just telling you that so you can share it as an anecdote at appropriate times, like meeting your new girlfriend’s parents for the first time or when you’re meeting with the CEO of your company.

It can actually help YOU be healthier.  Because YOU should pee for 21 seconds.  Time yourself next time.

If it takes you less time than that, you went to the bathroom too soon.  If it takes you more time, you went to the bathroom too late.

Either way, you’re doing a disservice to your bladder and training it wrong … which can lead to overactive bladder issues as you get older.

There’s more.  If you feel like you have to pee all the time but you’re not around that 21-second mark, it could be a sign of things like bladder stones, cystitis, or prostate issues, and it’s worth talking to your doctor.