How Old Were You When You Finally Felt Like an Adult?

Over This Whole Adulting Thing

Chattanooga, Tennessee—(Wise Brother)

How old were you when you finally felt like an adult?  If you’re under 40 and still don’t, you’re not alone . . .

Someone polled 1,000 Millennials and Gen Zers between 18 and 42.  And 57% said they still don’t have a handle on the whole “adulting” thing . . . 80% of Gen Zers, and half of Millennials.

It found the hardest parts about adulthood are managing money . . . saving for retirement . . . saving for a home . . . finding a job you like . . . and figuring out relationships.

It also looked at some specific life skills adults under 40 still don’t have . . .

1.  Car stuff.  63% couldn’t change their own oil if they had to . . . 48% couldn’t change a tire . . . and 42% couldn’t jumpstart a car.

2.  Tying a tie.  46% never have.  It made the top five for women AND men.

3.  Sewing up a hole.  41% wouldn’t know where to start.

4.  Changing a diaper.  32% said they can’t do it.

5.  Filing your taxes.  22% don’t know how it works.

6.  Using a grill to barbecue.  18% don’t know how.

7.  Ironing something.  12% can’t iron.

A third also said planning out meals is one of the hardest parts of growing up.  So this last stat makes sense:  46% of people 42 and under have had ramen in the past month.