Aubrey O’Day Calls her Instagram Photos ‘Art’

Aubrey O’Day says that her highly photoshopped Instagram photos are “art.”

The Danity Kane member told Tamron Hall on her talk show Tuesday (November 29th), “I look at my life and pictures as like art that I want to create for the world. You don’t see me on there with my regular friends, my dogs and my home. I don’t belong to the people. I don’t belong to others. My personal life is mine. And that’s the only way that I haven’t gone off the deep end or turned into something that I’m not.”

She added, “So when you see things like this, if you guys can agree, I’m making art. I’ve been to all these places and after these photos, I do post the videos of how it looked. But in order to get to this place, you have to scale a mountain for about two hours. I don’t have a caboodle of makeup and my wigs.”