Cardi B Files Paperwork To Garnish Tasha K’s Bank Account For Over $3 Million Owed

Cardi B has filed paperwork in Georgia to seize property and assets owned by blogger Tasha K — who accused her of having Herpes and being an escort. As previously reported, Cardi B was awarded $4 million after a jury found Tasha K guilty of defaming the rapper with various posts and YouTube videos.

According to RadarOnline, Cardi has demanded that Chase Bank and its employees hold all of Tasha’s property, money, wages and other assets, including property in safe deposit boxes or similar property. She also demanded that Chase Bank answers questions about the money that the blogger has at the institution.

Tasha K has reportedly pleaded with the federal judge who presided over the case to step in and put a stop to Cardi’s demands. She argued that the appeal is pending and collections aren’t allowed until a decision has been made.