Ed Sheeran Is ‘Super Proud’ Of Harry Styles

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Ed Sheeran is happy for his friend Harry Style’s success.

The “Shape of You” singer told The Sprout Podcast, “There’s something about going through your formative years, you know like it’s quite weird. Like, he’s obviously, like, on top of the world right now and has gone from being in the biggest boy band in the world to then being the biggest solo artist in the world. It’s just it’s an amazing journey to see. I’m, like, really, like super, super proud of him.”

Sheeran and Styles’ have been friends since before they both found success. According to Billboard the two both crashed at the same friend’s home before they hit it big.

Sheeran would go on to pen songs for One Direction, including “Moments,” “Little Things,” “Over Again” and “18”; the pair also have multiple friendship tattoos.