Jack Harlow Faces Cultural Appropriation Claims For Wearing A Bonnet

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Jack Harlow is being accused of cultural appropriation after being seen wearing a bonnet. The rapper posted a photo at the Louisville City Football Club this weekend, along with the caption, “Thanks for the support, @jackharlow salute emoji.”

There were some fans in support of the head gear. One person wrote, “I mean, it protects curls. He has curly hair.” Another added, “We will ignore it! We love a man that can take care of himself.”

The majority of fans were not too happy about Harlow wearing a bonnet. One person wrote, “yk i thought you was cool @jackharlow but this? oh i’m taking this as DISRESPECT. i need you to TAKE IT OFF.” Another person wrote, “interestingly enough no one is saying he’s ghetto or looks a mess but let it be a black woman… the jokes write themselves…”