Lizzo Says She’d Only Marry Myke Wright If She Wanted To Start A Business With Him

Lizzo Is Back In The Recording Studio

Lizzo opened up about her relationship with Myke Wright in a new interview with Vanity Fair.

While “Good As Hell” singer said that the stand-up comedian is the love of her life and called him her “life mate,” she made it clear that she’d only marry for one reason. She said, “If I wanted to start a business with him, I’d get married because that’s when your finances come together.”

Lizzo also addressed her thoughts on monogomy, saying, “People fight for monogamy like they pray to it every day. I’m not thinking about sex when I think about monogamy and rules. I’m thinking about the autonomy and independence of him and me.”

Despite her struggles with the concept, she says she’s not polyamorous either adding, “I’m not in love with multiple partners. That is not me.”