NYU To Introduce A Course On Lana Del Rey This Fall

Lana Del Rey Is Using Meditative Automatic Singing To Create New Album

New York University’s Clive Davis Institute will introduce a course on Lana Del Rey this fall.

Variety reports that “Topics In Recorded Music: Lana Del Rey” will be taught by journalist and author Kathy Iandoli from October 20th until December 8th.

A rep for the university says that the course will examine Del Rey’s contributions to 21st Century pop stardom, her relationship to feminism, and her connection to varaious social justice movements.

The official course description reads: Over the course of eight critically-acclaimed albums, the six-time Grammy nominated artist has introduced a sad core, melancholic, and baroque version of dream pop that in turn helped shift and reinvent the sound (and mood) of mainstream music beyond the 2010s. Through her arresting visuals and her thematic attention to mental health and tales of toxic, damaged love, Del Rey provided a new platform for artists of all genders to create “anti-pop” works of substance that could live in a mainstream once categorized as bubblegum.

Earlier this year, the university offered a class on Taylor Swift taught by Rolling Stone’s Brittany Spanos.