Quickies: Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, ENHYPEN

Taylor Swift To Present ‘all Too Well’ At The Tribeca Film Festival

On a podcast this week, Demi Lovato talked about experimenting with drugs and alcohol when she was a teen. She was in a car accident and was prescribed opiates at around age 12 or 13. Once Lovato’s mother realized that she was taking more than prescribed, she locked them up to keep them away from her. Lovato admitted to later experimenting with cocaine, and was in treatment right after turning 18.

Taylor Swift is facing a new copyright lawsuit that claims she stole a book design that accompanied her album Lover. The case claims that she copied key elements, including the title. The alleged similarities between the covers include – the color pattern of pastel pinks and blues, as well as an image of the author photographed in a downward pose. Legal experts told Billboard the case is highly questionable and unlikely to succeed.

ENHYPEN has landed their first #1 on Billboard’s Top Album Sales Chart. The group’s Manifesto: Day 1 climbs 2-1 in its third week on the list.