Ticketmaster Overwhelmed By ‘Historically Unprecedented Demand’ For Taylor Swift Tickets

Ticketmaster was so overwhelmed on Tuesday (November 15th), that the Capital One presale for Taylor Swift’s Era’s Tour has been moved to Wednesday (November 16th).

The company tweeted, “There has been historically unprecedented demand with millions showing up to by tickets for the TaylorSwiftTix Presale,” and added, “To provide a smooth experience for cardholders and address the historic demand for tickets, Capital One Cardholder Presale has been rescheduled to Wednesday, 11/16 at 2pm local venue time for all shows.”

The increased traffic caused ” intermittent issues with the site” and manyfans were stuck in a queue that didn’t move for several hours.

Tuesday’s presale was even pushed back to from 10am to 3pm for several West Coast dates.

The array of problems had Swifties tweeting that Ticketmaster is a monopoly that should be shut down.

One user wrote, “the crazy thing is that while ticketmaster has a monopoly on the entertainment industry and can do whatever the f**k they want… taylor is one of few artists with enough power and money to actually make them change which is why this is so disappointing”