Volbeat’s Rob Caggiano Says He Left Anthrax Because His ‘Role In The Band’ Ran Its Couse

Volbeat’s Rob Caggiano recently told Metalshop TV that he left Anthrax because his “role in the band ran its course.”

The guitarist said, “I decided to leave Anthrax back then because I kind of felt like… At that point I had been in the band for a long time, and I kind of felt like my role in the band ran its course, so to speak. And I just kind of felt like I was hitting my head up against a glass ceiling a long time. And it just felt like I needed a change.”

He added that joining Volbeat “was organic” after producing their album, Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies.

Caggiano told the outlet that the band is “a mixture of all the sounds I like.”

He explained, “When I first heard Volbeat, I heard the Misfits, I heard Metallica, I heard a little bit of the Ramones… There’s some Slayer-vibe riffs. There’s just a lot of different stuff. And it’s all fun — it’s a lot of fun; the music is a lot of fun.”