IHOP Has All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes for $5 This Month

Nikldn Qp7wa8av2x0 UnsplashPhoto by nikldn on Unsplash

If you were hoping to pack on a few extra pounds this month, here ya go:  IHOP announced they’re selling UNLIMITED PANCAKES for five bucks.

They’re doing it for their 65th Anniversary, which was actually last month.  But it runs from now through August 27th.

They’ll bring out two at a time.  Then once you’ve crushed those, you can get two more, and two more, and so on.  It’s only for their normal buttermilk pancakes though.  All other pancakes are still full price.

They’ve got a few other deals too, like kids eat free from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM if you order an entrée.  And they’re only charging 65 cents for delivery this month.  The unlimited pancake thing is in-store only though.

They’re also looping in Kevin Bacon for it…because bacon and pancakes go well together… and because Kevin also just turned 65.

The first IHOP opened in L.A. on July 7th, 1958, and Kevin was born a day later in Philadelphia on July 8th.  Sadly, they’re not doing unlimited bacon.  He’ll just be posting about IHOP on social media this month.

SOURCES: Business Wire / Today