IHOP Is Now Selling Pancake Tacos & Other Food News

Ihop Pancake Tacos Hero Image

Picture Courtesy of Business Wire

IHOP is folding pancakes in half and calling it a “cultural innovation.”  Not sure about that, but moving on…

PANCAKE TACOS are now on the menu at IHOPs nationwide.  They tested the idea out last summer at a location in Houston that sold “Choco-Pancakes“.  It was their take on the “Choco Taco” that had just been discontinued.

That one had vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce in it.  But it didn’t make the final cut, apparently.  Instead, they’re offering four other types that all come wrapped in a silver dollar pancake.  Two are sweet, and two savory.

Strawberry Cheesecake” with chocolate chips… “Caramel Banana” with chocolate chips… a fried chicken one with hash browns, gravy, and pickles… and a “Breakfast Pancake Taco” stuffed with scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheese.

It’s three for $6, but they have to be the same kind.  You can’t mix-and-match.

They’re not going all-in on them yet though.  They’re only available through the end of July.

SOURCES: Chew Boom / Business Wire

BURGER KING OFFERS BOGO WHOPPERS THROUGH JULY 8TH: Burger King is celebrating July with rewards members deals! From now through July 8th, buy one Whopper and get one free exclusively on the BK app or on their website when you activate the offer in the Offers tab before placing your order. If you dine-in, use the 6-digit code in your Royal Perks account to get your free Whopper. Redeem this offer up to once a day! A new offer will be released every week throughout July.

SOURCE: Chewboom

SUBWAY LAUNCHES DELI HEROES COLLECTION: Freshly sliced meats are coming to U.S. Subway locations along with a new line of Deli Heroes! To celebrate the launch, Subway is offering up to 1 million free six-inch heroes at participating locations on July 11th between 10 a.m. and noon. The first 50 Subway-lovers to ask will receive one free Deli Heroes sub while supplies last.

SOURCE: Chewboom