In The Know with Gino: Chattanooga State’s TCAT Students Excel at Skills USA State Leadership and Skills Conference, Secure Spot in National Competition

Chattanooga, Tennessee – The students of Chattanooga State’s Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) have once again showcased their exceptional skills and dedication, bringing home an impressive haul of medals at the Skills USA State Leadership and Skills Conference held in April. The TCAT students demonstrated their expertise across various disciplines, earning a remarkable 20 Gold, 10 Silver, and five Bronze medals.

The Skills USA State Leadership and Skills Conference, an annual event that celebrates the accomplishments of technical education students, witnessed intense competition among talented individuals from across Tennessee. However, it was the Chattanooga State TCAT students who emerged triumphant, showcasing their prowess and securing a remarkable collection of medals.

The 20 Gold medal winners have now earned the privilege of advancing to the prestigious Skills USA National Competition, scheduled to take place in June. This event will bring together the top technical education students from all over the United States, providing them with an opportunity to demonstrate their skills on a national stage.

Chattanooga State’s TCAT has a rich tradition of producing exceptional graduates who excel in their respective fields. The outstanding performance of its students at the Skills USA State Leadership and Skills Conference is a testament to the quality of education and training provided by the institution.

In recognition of their remarkable achievements, the administration of Chattanooga State has extended its heartfelt congratulations to the TCAT students.

The Skills USA National Competition will be a platform for the gold medal winners to compete against the best technical education students from across the nation. It will serve as a showcase of their skills and expertise, providing them with an opportunity to further hone their abilities and gain valuable experience.

As Chattanooga State’s TCAT students gear up for the national competition, the entire community stands behind them, applauding their accomplishments and offering support. The students’ success not only reflects positively on their individual efforts but also highlights the strength and effectiveness of technical education programs at Chattanooga State.

With their exceptional skills and determination, the TCAT students from Chattanooga State are poised to make their mark at the Skills USA National Competition in June, and the community eagerly awaits the outcome, confident that their achievements will continue to shine a spotlight on the excellence of the institution’s technical education programs.