In The Know with Gino: Local Teacher Launches Highly Anticipated Board Game, “Paper Trail”


Chattanooga, TN – Travis Deere, a beloved middle school history teacher in Chattanooga, has unveiled his newest venture, Lime Green Games, along with the release of his debut board game, Paper Trail. This innovative game, which combines elements of hidden movement, critical thinking, and a touch of nostalgia, promises an immersive and exciting experience for players aged 13 and above.

Drawing inspiration from his years spent educating students and his fond memories of note passing, Deere embarked on a journey to create Paper Trail. The game reflects his passion for strategic gameplay and a desire to bring a unique gaming experience to both enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Having grown up in Chattanooga, Deere’s roots in the community run deep. After earning his Masters of Education in Secondary Education and History from NC State, he returned to his hometown to contribute to the local education system. Deere held teaching positions at East Ridge Middle School, Wauhatchie Forest School, and within the Hamilton County School System, where he touched the lives of countless students.

Now, as the founder of Lime Green Games, Deere invites the Chattanooga community and beyond to embark on an immersive journey through the world of Paper Trail. The game not only showcases Deere’s strategic acumen but also incorporates his experience as an educator, making it both entertaining and educational.

The launch of Paper Trail on Kickstarter has been met with overwhelming support from the gaming community. Within just four days, the campaign achieved full funding, surpassing all expectations and highlighting the strong interest and anticipation surrounding the game.

To support Lime Green Games and be a part of this exciting project, gamers and enthusiasts can pre-order Paper Trail through the Kickstarter campaign until June 1st. The campaign page can be accessed at

Travis Deere’s journey from dedicated teacher to visionary game developer has captivated the Chattanooga community. With Paper Trail, he not only introduces a compelling and immersive board game but also showcases the immense creativity and passion that educators bring to all aspects of life. As anticipation continues to grow, gamers eagerly await the opportunity to experience the strategic challenges and nostalgic charm of Paper Trail, a testament to the ingenuity of a local teacher-turned-entrepreneur.

SOURCE: Chattanoogan