In The Know with Gino: Outdoor Chattanooga Invites Skateboarding Enthusiasts to ‘Go Skate Day’

Go Skate DayGraphic Courtesy of Outdoor Chattanooga

Chattanooga, TN – Outdoor Chattanooga is all set to host its highly anticipated Go Skate Day event on Wednesday, June 21st, from 6-9 p.m. Skateboarding enthusiasts and their families are eagerly awaiting this fun-filled celebration, which will take place at the Chattanooga Skatepark located at 1801 Reggie White Blvd.

With an aim to promote outdoor recreation and foster a sense of community, Outdoor Chattanooga invites everyone to join them for an evening of excitement and camaraderie. The event promises an array of activities and amenities that are sure to make it a memorable occasion for all attendees.

One of the highlights of Go Skate Day will be the complimentary dinner provided to participants, available while supplies last. Skateboarding enthusiasts can fuel up with a delicious meal, courtesy of Outdoor Chattanooga, creating the perfect atmosphere for socializing and making new friends.

Additionally, attendees can look forward to receiving free swag, adding an extra element of thrill to the event. From stickers and merchandise to other exciting surprises, the swag will serve as a token of appreciation from Outdoor Chattanooga for the community’s participation and support.

DJ D-Whit will be on deck, spinning the latest tracks and creating an energetic ambiance with their music. The carefully curated playlist promises to keep spirits high and enhance the overall experience of the event.

Go Skate Day at Chattanooga Skatepark is a family-friendly occasion, encouraging people of all ages to partake in the festivities. Whether you’re an experienced skateboarder or a novice looking to learn, the event aims to provide an inclusive space for everyone to enjoy. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own skating equipment and gear to fully immerse themselves in the skateboarding culture.

To learn more about the Go Skate Day event and stay updated with the latest information, interested individuals can visit Outdoor Chattanooga’s Facebook page at The Facebook page will serve as a hub for event details, announcements, and any additional information leading up to the event.

Outdoor Chattanooga invites the community to embrace their enthusiasm for skateboarding and make the most of this exciting celebration. So mark your calendars, gather your skating gear, and prepare to have an incredible evening at the Chattanooga Skatepark on June 21st.

Let the Go Skate Day festivities commence!