In The Know with Gino: TN American Water Provides 9 Hamilton County Schools Water Bottle Filling Stations

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Image by Willfried Wende from Pixabay

Chattanooga, TNTennessee American Water has partnered with nine Hamilton County schools to install water bottle filling stations, addressing the previous lack of access to convenient water refill options. This initiative aims to promote healthy hydration practices among students while also encouraging environmental sustainability.

Recognizing the difficulties faced by students who lacked access to water bottle filling stations, Tennessee American Water took the initiative to provide these schools with the necessary infrastructure. In addition to the stations, the company also generously donated reusable water bottles to each of the schools involved.

The introduction of the water bottle filling stations not only serves as a convenient solution for students but also promotes environmental stewardship. By encouraging the use of reusable bottles, the initiative aims to reduce the reliance on single-use plastic bottles, which often contribute to pollution and waste. Additionally, by promoting tap water consumption, the program highlights the economic benefits of drinking water while staying hydrated.

The nine Hamilton County schools benefiting from this initiative include Battle Academy Elementary, Brown Academy Elementary School, Calvin Donaldson Elementary School, Dalewood Middle School, East Lake Academy Middle School, East Ridge Middle School, Orchard Knob Middle School, Orchard Knob Elementary School, and Woodmore Elementary School.

With the installation of water bottle filling stations, students at these schools now have easy access to safe and clean drinking water throughout the day. The initiative not only enhances the students’ overall well-being but also promotes sustainable practices and instills a sense of environmental responsibility within the school community.

SOURCE: Chattanooga Pulse