In The Know with Gino: TN Department of Education to Hold Public Town Hall on School Letter Grades and Performance Measurement

EducationGraphic Courtesy of Tennessee Department of Education

Chattanooga, TN – The Tennessee Department of Education has announced that it will be hosting a public town hall meeting on Tuesday, August 29th, at the East Brainerd Annex, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The primary focus of the meeting will be centered around the discussion of school letter grades for K-12 education and exploring the best methods to accurately measure school performance.

As the new school year kicks off, the Tennessee Department of Education is extending an open invitation to all residents of the state to actively participate in these public engagement opportunities aimed at enhancing the understanding of School Letter Grades. These grades serve as indicators of how effectively the K-12 educational institutions across the state are serving their students and contributing to their academic success.

The establishment of T.C.A. § 49-1-228 back in 2016 set the stage for the implementation of a school letter grading system, a move intended to be effective from the 2017-18 academic year. This system is designed to evaluate schools based on factors like student achievement, assessment scores, and student growth, along with other key markers of success. By providing parents and families with transparent and comprehensive information, this grading system offers valuable insights into the performance of public schools.

Acknowledging the importance of an accountability system that offers clear and easily comprehensible information, officials stress the significance of empowering Tennesseans with the tools to actively support their children’s education. As students across the state return to classrooms after the summer break, schools and districts are eagerly anticipating the transparent assessment criteria that will define their performance during the upcoming fall semester.

To ensure a collaborative and inclusive approach, the Department of Education is extending an invitation to various stakeholders and members of the public, including families, educators, community members, and decision-makers. The objective is to foster discussions surrounding the methodologies for measuring school performance and effectively communicating this information to parents and families. This initiative strives to develop an A-F school letter grading system that is user-friendly and caters to the specific informational needs of the community.

In a bid to maximize stakeholder input, the department has devised a multifaceted strategy that includes interactive small group conversations, localized town hall meetings, engagement through social media platforms, and the acceptance of written public comments. This comprehensive approach aims to capture a diverse range of perspectives and insights from the broader public.

Marking a significant milestone, A-F letter grades for each school will be officially published in November as part of the annual accountability release through the State Report Card. This step is envisioned to provide a comprehensive overview of school performance and reinforce the transparency and accountability measures that underpin Tennessee’s education system.

As Tennessee continues to champion accessible and high-quality education, the ongoing efforts by the Department of Education to foster meaningful public engagement demonstrate the state’s commitment to empowering its citizens with valuable insights into school performance, ultimately contributing to the overall enhancement of K-12 education.

There’s also a Facebook Event page with more information.

SOURCES: TN Department of Education & NOOGAtoday