Is It “Cheating” to Date Two People at Once If You Never Agreed to Be Exclusive?

Pablo Heimplatz 252c3dvk6gk UnsplashPhoto by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

Here’s a dating question.  I was kind of surprised how divided people are on it…

Is it okay to date two people at once if you never agreed to be exclusive?  Or is that still “cheating”?

Over 20,000 Americans were polled, and 48% said it’s NOT cheating.  So roughly half of people say you CAN date two people at once as long as you didn’t explicitly say you’re exclusive.

30% disagree though, and think it DOES count as cheating.  If you’re dating other people, you need to be upfront about it no matter what.

The remaining 22% were on the fence and said they’re unsure if it’s really cheating or not.

The answers were identical for men and women, but how OLD you are might affect your answer.

37% of people in their 20s and 30s think it definitely counts as cheating … but just 18% of people over 65 agree.

What do you think?


UPDATE 4/08/2022: Chattanooga-based Dating Expert Brock Olsen called in to talk with Gino D about this question and gave his “expert” opinion. Listen below!