Is It Safe To Let Your Dog Lick Your Face

Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine, In Lviv
A volunteer interacts with dogs rescued from Borodyanka shelter, where, according to local volunteers, approximately 300 dogs died left without food and water amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, at the "Home of rescued animals" shelter in Lviv, Ukraine, April 7, 2022. REUTERS/Pavlo Palamarchuk

Dogs are awesome and we love them. From their excitement when they see us to the playful licks they give our hands and faces. But could letting your dog lick your face be deadly?! Well according to one study yes! According to the NY Post, Researchers in Europe tested the poop of 85 dogs, and found 17% of samples contained a SUPER STRAIN of E. coli that’s resistant to antibiotics.  So when you consider that dogs sometimes EAT poop, that suggests it could be in their saliva too. The main takeaway from the study is to not let your dog lick in your face. Humans carry the same strain of E.coli so it is not only related to just dogs, but as a general health and safety precaution limit or refrain from letting your dog lick your face or eat off of your plate.