It’s On Between Leonardo DiCaprio and the President of Brazil!

Leonardo Dicaprio has been encouraging the young citizens of Brazil to vote in their October election.  But, his input isn’t sitting well with Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro.

Leo had tweeted, quote, “Brazil is home to the Amazon and other ecosystems critical to climate change.  What happens there matters to us all and youth voting is key in driving change for a healthy planet.”

And what did Bolsonaro have to say about that?  He told a group of supporters, quote, “Now, DiCaprio has to know that it was the very president of the World Trade Organization who said that without Brazilian agribusiness, the world would be hungry . . . So, DiCaprio better keep his mouth shut instead of talking nonsense.”

Jair also responded to Leo’s tweet with, quote, “Thanks for your support, Leo!  Our people will decide if they want to keep our sovereignty on the Amazon or to be ruled by crooks who serve foreign special interest.”

He also called out a 2019 post of Leo’s.  Quote, “By the way, the picture you posted about wildfires in the Amazon in 2019 is from 2003.  There are people who want to arrest Brazilian citizens who make this kind of mistake here in our country.  But I’m against this tyrannical idea.  So I forgive you.  Hugs from Brazil!

Ball is back in your court, Leo!

Photo by Rafaela Biazi on Unsplash