Jack Harlow Donates to Hometown Organizations

It's Gino D's "Feel Good Story" of the Week...

Jack Harlow knows that home is important.

That’s why he’s making it a priority to give back to his hometown of Louisville. Harlow is donating to local organizations in order to make a difference. He told PEOPLE that he was following in his mother’s footsteps.

Harlow said, “I took some counsel from my mom, she has always had a giving heart, and she’s no stranger to a lot of these organizations. Aside from that, I really wanted to dive in and figure out what hit home for me.”

Some of the places Harlow has donated to include the Louisville Urban League, Metro United Way, and the Center for Women and Families.

He continued, “It means everything. It’s my foundation. It’s part of my DNA. People joke about how often I reference my home, but it’s a huge part of my identity, and I want you to think of Louisville when you think of me. My career feels like a mission that’s bigger than me.”

Source: PEOPLE Magazine