Just a Reminder: Filling Out a Perfect NCAA Bracket Is Basically Impossible

Jacob Rice Ceg2cvkle3g UnsplashPhoto by Jacob Rice on Unsplash

If your brother-in-law or someone at work asks you to fill out a March Madness bracket, don’t worry about not being an expert … it won’t help much … because it’s basically impossible.

The odds of finishing with a PERFECT bracket … guessing all the games correctly … is 1-in-120 BILLION.  That’s assuming you know something about college basketball going in, and consider how the teams are seeded.

If you’re a non-fan who just guesses based on something arbitrary like flipping a coin, the odds soar to 1-in-9.2 QUINTILLION.

One mathematician put it this way:  “You have better odds of winning the Powerball with two consecutive tickets than getting a perfect bracket…[And] you have better odds that a family of four will all get hit by lightning [separately] in their lifetime.”

And:  “There’s a 1-in-10,000 chance that you get injured by a TOILET in your lifetime … so there are better odds that that same family of four all get injured by a toilet than picking a perfect bracket.”

And NO ONE has officially submitted a perfect bracket … ever.  The longest streak of perfection was a neuropsychologist from Ohio who managed to pick the winner in the first 49 games in 2019 correctly.  There are 63 games in total.

So just fill it out for fun … and who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky, and everyone in your family will trip over a toilet and get struck by lightning.

The First Four games have already started, but most people only count the official 63 games in the bracket.  Those games start TOMORROW … so you still have a chance to fill a bracket out.

You can find a live bracket, here.  And you can submit one, here or here.