Lil Nas X Denies A Fan’s Story of Meeting Him

Lil Nas X jokingly denied that he’s a nice guy. When a fan shared on Reddit that she met him at the MTV Video Music Awards. She had gotten off on the wrong floor of an elevator and spotted him and jumped at the chance to introduce herself. She described him as posed and so nice and even made suggestions for their selfie’s, which they took several of.

She wrote: “I’m an unpaid intern and meet a lot of a–holes in this industry. It was really nice to meet someone I admire and find out they’re a genuinely nice person.”

After seeing the post, Lil Nas jokingly replied “This is not true. i am very mean in person. i once slapped a fan for singing the lyrics to industry baby wrong.”

Later that evening he and Jack Harlow won three VMA’s for “Industry Baby.”