March Madness By The Numbers

Markus Spiske Bfphccvhl6e Unsplash 1Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The NCAA Tournament kicks off TONIGHT.  Here’s everything you DON’T need to know to enjoy the action.

It’s March Madness By the Numbers!

1.  $16.3 Billion:  Corporate losses due to unproductive workers during March Madness.

2.  37%:  Percentage of Americans willing to call in sick or skip work to watch games.

2.  $1.14 billion:  The annual revenue of the NCAA in 2022.

3.  ZERO DOLLARS:  What players are paid for participating in the tournament.

4.  12+:  Number of college basketball programs involved on corruption cases involving payments to players since 2017.

5.  $10.2 million:  Salary of Kansas’ Bill Self, college basketball’s highest paid coach.  FYI, the school’s chancellor and the governor of Kentucky make a combined $710,700.

6.  $334.2 Million:  Estimated value of Kentucky’s basketball program, which is the highest among all schools.  It generates $22 million in revenue.

7.  47x:  The difference between the average NBA rookie’s salary of $3.4 million, and a Division 1 men’s basketball scholarship for a year, which is $71,400.

8.  $10 billion+:  Amount wagered on the 2023 tournament.

9.  $4 billion+:  Amount wagered ILLEGALLY.

10.  80 million:  Number of Tournament brackets completed . . . more than half the 156 million ballots cast in the 2020 election.

11.  One in 9.2 Quintillion:  Odds of filling out a perfect ballot.

12.  19%:  Increase in beer sales during March Madness.  Chicken wing sales go up 23%, with fans consuming 2.3 billion wing portions.

SOURCE: WalletHub