Mountain Dew’s New Soda Is Called “Legend”!

New Mountain Dew Legend Debuts Exclusively At Buffalo Wild Wings 678x381
Picture courtesy of Wise Brother Media

Do you think a person come up with this name…or did they just run it through a machine that said sports fans would think it sounds cool?

Mountain Dew just unveiled a new drink called “LEGEND,” BUT… it’s only available at Buffalo Wild Wings.

It’s dark in color like Pepsi, but looks like it might have a dark purple tint to it.  They say it was, quote, “inspired by the blackberry flavor craze” …which is a thing, apparently.

It combines the flavor of original Mountain Dew with, quote, “notes of blackberry, citrus, and ginger.”  It’s available at a few Buffalo Wild Wings already, and should be at all their locations by mid-May.