Nacho Fire

Valentin B Kremer S8bhj0hb Wq Unsplash

I get cooking isn’t everyone’s forte, but making a simple meal like nachos, shouldn’t be that difficult. John Daniel Banks of Austin, TX was squatting in a building in downtown Austin. This culinary dunce decided he wanted to make nachos, but because he is squatting and not legally allowed to be there, didn’t have a microwave or stove to make his meal. So what did this Wolf Gang Suck do to make his meal, he lit the bag of chips on fire to cook the nachos. But then the flames spread to his bed.  He claims he tried to put the fire out but eventually left.  And when he came back, the second floor was engulfed. Like in what world did this genius think this was a great idea. Needless to say Banks is facing arson charges and up to 10 years in jail if convicted. If you would like to see his mug shot click here