National Beer Lover’s Day! Here’s the Best Beer for Your Zodiac Sign

Jon Parry C8esywqkwhw Unsplash

It’s National Beer Lover’s Day!  But don’t drink the beer YOU love.  That would be silly.  Let the ZODIAC choose for you.

Some astrology fan posted a list of the best beer to drink for each zodiac sign… Does your tastes match up?

Aries:  Modelo.  Because you’re not afraid of a fight.

Taurus:  Miller High Life.  Because you “love a good time and a fine bargain.”

Gemini:  Budweiser.  Because of some nonsense about Geminis being good liars.

Cancer:  Blue Moon.  Because cancers are “ruled by the moon.”

Leo:  Corona.  Because it’s Spanish for “crown,” and Leo is the sign of royalty.

Virgo:  Michelob Ultra.  Because Virgos are health-conscious.

Libra:  Pabst Blue Ribbon.  Libras love fairness and equality, and PBR is loved by everyone from factory workers to hipsters.

Scorpio:  Guinness.  Because Scorpios are mysterious, and Guinness has very tight-lipped trade secrets.

Sagittarius:  Sapporo.  Because you’re adventurous, and so was the guy who created it.  He left Japan in the 1860s at age 17, which was forbidden back then and studied brewing in Germany.

Capricorn:  Yuengling.  Because you’re determined.

Aquarius:  Stella Artois.  Because the tarot card for Aquarius is the “Star” card, and “Stella” means “star” in Latin.

Pisces:  Heineken.  Because you like pleasing people.  And the guy who founded their ad department once said, “I don’t sell beer, I sell warmth.”