Never Buy a COVID Test Without Doing These Things

Follow these four tips to avoid getting scammed while buying an at-home rapid COVID test.

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With the omicron variant leading to long lines at COVID testing sites, more Americans are choosing to buy at-home rapid tests. Now, however, the FTC has released a warning of the latest scam; fake COVID tests.

The FTC says to avoid getting ripped off during an already stressful moment, follow these four guidelines when buying an at-home rapid COVID test:

1. Make sure your test is FDA authorized – check to see if your test is one of the hundreds approved at Use the search term “COVID test”.

2. Search the seller’s name online – you can also use their name with words like “scam” or “bad review” to see if anything suspicious pops up online.

3. Compare online reviews – go to several different sites and be wary of reviews posted around the same date; those are usually fake.

4. Pay by credit card – If you do get ripped off by a bad test or a test that doesn’t show up in your mailbox, you can dispute the charges.

Here’s something you may not know: the IRS counts at-home COVID tests as eligible medical expenses for tax purposes. You can get reimbursed through your flex spending or health savings accounts.