New Dating Trends

Josh Hild M9aggc8uw6o Unsplash

With cuffing season upon us, the dating scene is about to heat up. If you find yourself single as we close out 2022 and move in to 2023 here are some new dating trends to be on the lookout for.

1.  Main Character Energy:  Focusing on yourself instead of wasting time on people who don’t meet your standards or needs.

2.  Eco-Dumping:  Dating (or NOT dating) someone based on how environmentally conscious they are (or are NOT).

One in five singles say they know someone who’s dumped someone because their views on climate change and the environment didn’t align.

3.  Heat Doming:  Dating someone specifically for their household amenities . . . basically just to mooch off their air conditioning, pool, WiFi, or comfortable bed.

4.  Infla-Dating:  Going on less expensive dates because of inflation and the current economic environment.

5.  James-Webbing:  This is silly.  It’s deciding to date someone after “seeing them through a different lens.”  You know, like how NASA’s new space telescope is giving us a closer, better look at things.  (???)

6.  OnlyPlans:  Repeatedly planning dates with someone, but never actually following through on them . . . due to an array of (mostly contrived) excuses.


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