New Scam Alert: Notes on Cars That Have A Warning

What would you do if you found this note on your car?  Because it’s basically extortion…

Someone in San Francisco posted a photo of a flyer they found on their windshield that basically said “PAY ME …so I don’t have to ROB YOU.”

It said, quote, “I don’t want to steal anymore.  But I still have bills to pay.  Can you help me please?”  And there were three ways to pay …with PayPal, CashApp, or a QR code to send Bitcoin.

The local news looked into it, and it turned out the same note has been left on a bunch of cars around the University of San Francisco lately.

One woman who works in the area said she was worried the person might come back and break into her car if she didn’t pay.  She still decided not to, but at least one of her co-workers did send money.

San Francisco police said it’s the first time they’ve seen this tactic used.