New Scam: Thieves Are Altering Parking Meter QR Codes?

Hafidh Satyanto Lippkzctyuq UnsplashPhoto by Hafidh Satyanto on Unsplash

It seems like QR codes are having a moment… but there’s a problem with that… and it’s not just how you get frustrated when your phone isn’t picking it up.

There’s apparently a new scam where thieves are replacing QR codes at parking meters and lots with THEIR codes… sending your money to their wallets.

A lot of people don’t notice… because QR codes often send you to random forms where you pay, and people just trust that it’s the right portal, because that’s what’s on the sign.

Authorities say you should use credit cards to pay directly using the machine or meter whenever possible… and if you do use a QR code, to check what URL it is sending you to… and be wary if it’s a vague, “URL-shortened link.”

It sounds like this could be more of a problem in private lots than public ones…  and it’s unclear how widespread the problem may be. This initial report was in South Carolina.