New “Wedding Rules for 2023″… Agree or Disagree?

Luwadlin Bosman P Hrpypftna UnsplashPhoto by Luwadlin Bosman on Unsplash

We’re closing in on wedding season … again… and Slate magazine has come up with a list of “new rules” to make weddings a little less unbearable.

Here’s are a few of the “new rules”…

1.  No more engagement parties.

2.  No outdoor summer weddings.

3.  Your closest friends, not you, should control the guest list.

4.  It is entirely fine to deny anyone a plus-one for any reason.

5.  Never say “black tie optional.” Choose.

6.  It is fine to skip a wedding for any reason, but RSVP early.

7.  No kids.  If kids are needed for the ceremony, a car should be waiting.

8.  If you travel from out of town, you don’t need to get the couple a gift … actually, all gifts should be banned.

9.  It’s fine if someone else wears white.

10.  No one has to walk you down the aisle.

11.  Give us a good kiss.

12.  Posed photos are over.

13.  Simplify the menu.

14.  Speeches must be pre-written.

15.  Dancing is mandatory for everyone able.