Oh Dolly! Dolly Parton Says Never Wants to Retire, Hopes to “Drop Dead” on Stage!

Dolly Parton turned 77 a few months back, but don’t worry about her hanging it up anytime soon.  She did an interview with a radio station in the U.K. the other day, and said her plan is to NEVER retire.

Quote, “I’ll just hopefully drop dead in the middle of a song onstage someday . . . hopefully one I’ve written.  That’s how I hope to go.”

She said the only thing that would slow her down is if her health goes downhill, or her husband gets sick.  Otherwise, she wants to “make hay while the sun shines.”

She did say her touring days are behind her.  She’ll still do shows here and there, but doesn’t want to be on the road anymore.  So what else has she got planned?  LOTS, apparently.

She said she wants to keep working on side projects, like her make-up line.  And she’d love to do more movies too.

She also wants to do a TV show about her life, and she’s even got a name for it… “Life of Many Colors”.

Watch the interview above. She starts talking about retirement and her future plans at 7:18.

SOURCE: People