Online Dating Photo Safety Tip from Former Detective Goes Viral

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A former detective went viral on TikTok recently for sharing a tip that could potentially save your life while online dating.

He says that posting and sending photos can reveal a LOT of personal information about you, like your exact location, the time the picture was taken, and what kind of phone or camera you have.

Meaning, you could take a selfie at home, send it to a stranger you met online and they could see your HOME ADDRESS?!

There are a couple ways to keep yourself safe:

1.  You can go into your phone’s settings and change it so it doesn’t store location data.

2.  You can send the photo through certain social media apps, which strip the location data for you.

3.  But the tip the former detective recommends is simply taking a SCREENSHOT of your photo and sending that instead.  He says a screenshot won’t have the location information.

Now you know.  If you’re talking to someone online and want to text them a picture, take a screenshot of the pic and send that instead.

Photo by Nate Johnston on Unsplash