Oscar Facts: The Academy Awards by the Numbers

Mirko Fabian S Osmdz5kbg Unsplash 2Photo by Mirko Fabian on Unsplash

The 95th Academy Awards air this Sunday.  Here are some interesting facts and figures to get you PSYCHED…Maybe?!

1.  $58.6 million:  Total cost of the ceremony.

2.  $24,700:  Cost of the 50,000 square foot red carpet.

3.  $10 million:  Cost of an A-list actresses’ ensemble.  In 2014, Cate Blanchett spent a record $18.1 million on her outfit.  Lady Gaga holds the record for most expensive jewelry, when she wore a $30 million Tiffany diamond necklace in 2019.

4.  28%:  Share of this year’s nominees who are women.  It’s the lowest in four years.

5.  $80,000:  Cost for a couple to attend the “Vanity Fair” after-party.

6.  $163 million:  Annual Oscar boost to L.A.’s economy.

7.  40%Golden Globes‘ 10-year record of predicting the Oscar for Best Picture. This year, the Globe went to “The Fabelmans“.

8.  192 minutes:  Running time of this year’s longest Best Picture nominee, “Avatar: The Way of Water”. Gone with the Wind” is the longest Best Picture WINNER, at 238 minutes.

9.  $1.95 million:  Cost of a 30-second ad during the Oscars.  That’s 72% less than the Super Bowl.

10.  220 minutes:  Length of last year’s Oscars.  That’s 3 hours and 40 minutes. The longest Oscars went down in 2002:  263 excruciating minutes.  That’s FOUR hours and 23 minutes.

11.  16.6 million:  Average viewers for last year’s Oscars.  That was up 58% from a record low in 2021.

12.  Zero:  Number of this year’s acting nominees who were nominated last year.

SOURCE: WalletHub