Over Half of Selfies Now Include Some Sort of Filter

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You can’t trust everything you hear or SEE these days:  A new poll found more than half of all the selfies we post online now include some sort of filter or effect . . . 52%, on average.

They only polled Millennials and Gen Xers.  So selfies posted by Baby Boomers might drag that average down.  But they didn’t poll Gen Z either, and young people would probably more than make up for that.

73% of people polled said they feel the need to hide their physical imperfections sometimes.  Only 3% said they’ve never shared an altered photo online.

Here are some of the top physical imperfections we feel like we have to fix . . .

1.  Skin issues, like acne.  37% feel like they have to hide it.

2.  Specific body parts we’re self-conscious about, 35%.

3.  Our hair, 33%.

4.  Bad posture, 31%.

5.  Glasses or vision problems, 31%.

Image by Laura Smith from Pixabay