Parents Spend 35% More When Shopping with Kids Than Shopping Alone

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—(Wise Brother)

Remember when you were young, and your parent would bribe you on shopping trips with a candy bar if you were good?  Well, today’s kids might be scoring a lot more than that.

According to a new study, the average parent spends 35% more when shopping with kids as opposed to shopping alone.  And they say the average shopping trip costs $179 with kids . . . and $133 alone.  Or $46 less.

Some of that could be bribes, like candies . . . snacks . . . and toys.  But it’s also that parents just buy additional stuff when their kids are with them . . . and spend less time comparing prices or talking themselves OUT of a purchase.

(Maybe they also reward THEMSELVES . . . like with a $46 bottle of wine?)

But the $46 difference isn’t a total loss.  Parents say there ARE things that kids can learn on shopping trips.  Things like “the value of a dollar” . . . the difference between “necessities” and “nice-to-haves” . . . patience . . . how to look for bargains . . . and where to find things in a store.

Image by Victoria_Watercolor from Pixabay