People Are Paying “Professional Baby Namers” $10K to Name Their Kid?

Jonathan Borba Cgwtqyxhekg UnsplashPhoto by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Apparently rich people will spend money on ANYTHING… and that’s why those upscale farmers markets will charge $5 for a SINGLE tomato.

So really… this isn’t that surprising:

There’s a 33-year-old woman in New York named Taylor Humphrey who calls herself a “professional baby namer” …Yup, you read that right and she charges up to $10,000 just to name your baby.

Taylor doesn’t have any kids herself and she describes herself as a “passionate writer and storyteller,” who is “adept at branding, marketing, and social media.”  She has also worked as a matchmaker in the past, but she’s been working in the baby-naming business since 2015.

She has a range of fees.  If you just want to call her and ask for a name … that may “only” cost around $1,500.  But if you want her to get to know your family and look through genealogies … that’s closer to her $10,000 premium price.

For that kind of scratch, you’d expect GENIUS and totally original names, BUT she’s NOT promising a UNIQUE baby name … so her suggestion might be, you know, “Bob.”