People Throw Away About $63 Worth of Groceries Every Week!

Maria Lin Kim 8raued8zd U UnsplashPhoto by Maria Lin Kim on Unsplash

There’s a lot of concern about the prices of groceries… understandably… but there’s one sure-fire trick to keeping the bill low:  Only buy stuff you’re going to actually USE.

A new report says that the average American throws away about $63 worth of groceries… every week.  That’s around $3,000 every year.

That can be:  Fruits and veggies that spoil before you get to them … leftovers from meals that don’t get eaten… and random stuff that just sits around forever until you toss it.

People were asked which foods were the “hardest to use up,” and LETTUCE is #1.   Bananas are second, followed by milk, apples, bread, avocado, deli items,  eggs, meat, and carrots.