Pringles-Flavored Fake Chicken Fries Are On The Way

Morningstar Farms And Pringles

MorningStar Farms and Pringles team up to launch plant-based Chik’n Fries

Some people can’t imagine being a vegetarian, because they don’t want to eat like a rabbit.  But you’d have to be a pretty weird rabbit to eat THIS concoction…

MorningStar Farms is a company that makes vegan and vegetarian food, and they’re putting out a new line of fake, “plant-based” chicken fries … that taste like PRINGLES.

It’s a natural collaboration because Kellogg’s is the parent company for both MorningStar and Pringles.

There will be two varieties… Original and Scorchin’ Cheddar Cheeze.  The Original will start hitting stores next month… while the Scorchin’ Cheddar won’t be out until fall.

These Pringles Chik’n Fries are frozen and come in a BAG, not a CAN… which seems like a missed opportunity.

SOURCES: Chewboom / PR Newswire