“Sesame Street” Paid Tribute to Fathers…with a “Friends” Parody?

This seems really random, but if you’re a FATHER who grew up in the ’90s, you should appreciate this…

Father’s Day is THIS Sunday, and “Sesame Street” is celebrating by unleashing a “Friends” parody.

Basically, it’s a fun song that re-works the show’s theme, “I’ll Be There for You” by the Rembrandts.

It includes subtle “Friends” references, like a creative rendition of “Smelly Cat“, a puppet wearing Joey‘s Thanksgiving turkey hat, and a nod to Ross‘ “pivot!”

At the end, there’s a message that says…  “Fathers are our forever friends.  To all the fathers and father figures raising amazing kids:  Thank you for being there.”

SOURCE: Wisebrother Media