Signs You Have No Life

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Adulting can be tough, but it does not have to be boring. Ever wondered what the signs of having no life were? Listed below are the top 12 signs that you have no life according to Reddit.


1.  Nonstop complaining about other people.

2.  The person at work who monitors how often people are at their computer.

3.  Posting everything about your personal business and drama on social media.  And more specifically:  The Facebook Moms groups.

4.  People who spend all day arguing with strangers on Facebook, or bots on Twitter.  Or simply being on social media all the time.

5.  Being way too invested in the lives of reality TV stars.

6.  Being emotionally invested in the British royal family.

7.  Playing thousands of hours of a single $20 indie game on Steam.  (And the people who suggested this ARE admitting to it themselves.)

8.  Only ever talking about your job.  (This depends on what you do, and who you hang out with.  If you’re out with a bunch of other people from the office, you’ll probably talk about work.)

9.  Working tons of hours and bragging about it.

10.  Hanging out at work after you’re off.

11.  Being involved with a homeowner association.

12.  And one person suggested:  “Breaking into a teenager’s home because he flipped you off a week ago.


Courtesy of Reddit