“Smart Drinkers” Say THIS Is The Perfect Pace…

Fred Moon 0yqa0rmcsyk UnsplashPhoto by Fred Moon on Unsplash

If you’re easing into a night when you know you’ll be having multiple drinks, you may think, “Okay, I just have to pace myself.”  Then, almost immediately after that, your “pace” goes off the rails.

In a survey of people 21 and over, 52% consider themselves “smart drinkers”… meaning they think they’ve mastered the art of knowing WHAT and HOW MUCH to drink.  Generally speaking, here’s what they suggest …

Most “smart drinkers” pace themselves at about two drinks per hour, and they typically choose “low-volume alcoholic beverages.” 

“Smart drinkers” generally eat a meal before drinking and make sure they DON’T mix different types of alcohol.

However the REAL secret is simple:  QUALITY over QUANTITY.  Drink what you enjoy, and consume it slow enough that you CAN enjoy it.

SOURCE: Study Finds