Someone Is Suing Bass Pro Shops for Not Honoring a Lifetime Warranty on Socks


Jake Ingle Aacoybs98f4 UnsplashPhoto by Jake Ingle on Unsplash

This is how all those class-action lawsuits get started. One stubborn person finds a hill to die on and won’t budge . . .

A guy in Springfield, Missouri named Kent Slaughter is suing Bass Pro Shops for not honoring a lifetime warranty on some SOCKS he bought.

He filed the lawsuit this month. He says the company used to replace the socks when they got worn out, but they stopped last year.

Starting in 2014, he bought around 12 pairs of wool socks called “Red Head All-Purpose” socks. Bass Pro Shops owns the Red Head brand, and he says the “lifetime guarantee” was a major reason he bought the socks.

He must have worn them a LOT, because by 2015 he’d worn through his first pair. And when he brought them in at that point, they DID replace them.

They continued to honor the guarantee after that too, until last year when he tried to return four more pairs and got rejected.

They still gave him new socks, but they were a slightly different version. And they told him the new ones only came with a 60-day warranty.

He ended up finding the old ones online last month, and it still said “lifetime guarantee” on their website. So he bought another pair.

But when they came in the mail, the packaging had been changed, so it didn’t mention the guarantee anywhere.

It also apparently didn’t include a line about how they’d be “the last socks you’ll ever need to buy.” So that was enough for him to sue Bass Pro Shops and accuse them of false advertising.

Now it looks like it could become a class-action thing, where anyone who ever bought the socks might be able to cash in. So if that’s you, stay tuned.