Someone’s Hacking the P.A. System on Flights and Making Strange Sounds

I don’t know if an airplane at 30,000 feet is the best place for a prank, but whoever’s doing this disagrees…

Someone apparently hacked into the P.A. system on an American Airlines flight from L.A. to Dallas this month and wouldn’t stop making weird MOANING AND GRUNTING sounds.  They were like half-pleasure, half-pain.

A passenger posted audio of it on Twitter late last week (WATCH ABOVE).  He said it started before the plane took off and continued well into the flight.

The flight attendants had to clarify that they and the pilots were NOT doing it.  The captain eventually came on and said they were trying to figure out how to stop it, but last we heard, it was still a mystery.

It may have happened on two other flights as well, one from New York to L.A. in July, and another flight into Dallas on September 18th.  American Airlines blamed that one on a “mechanical issue” that made the volume of the P.A. spike.

There’s no footage from the other two flights, but the audio we’ve heard definitely sounds like a person, not a mechanical issue.

SOURCES: L.A. Times / Daily Star